A new player in the high street game


A new kid on the block, Lulusar, is an online clothing brand which aims to keep abreast with the latest fashions while promising high quality at affordable prices.


The amalgamation of such qualities can make it the go-to fashion destination for people of all ages. The future of retail lies in e-tail and hence, the brand has introduced a modern, chic and comfortable line of clothes perfectly suited for every occasion, with its online launch.It is primarily aimed at women who like to indulge in the latest trends and explore multiple options for casual lounge wear, evening and daywear. Lulusar is the first solely on-line store in Pakistan and delivers all orders right at your door step, making online shopping fun and easy.

Talking about the brand’s vision, Lulusar marketing head and PR lead Minal Akram told The Express Tribune, “E-tail is the future and hence, the online store. Customer lifestyle is changing; it’s shifting towards wanting rapid ease and convenience. Our people are students, young mothers or professionals who’re tech savvy and demand ease and a quality online experience from their phones, on the go.”Considering the many high street brands opening up in Pakistan, Lulusar will be operating in a highly competitive market. So what sets it apart from its contemporaries? “We are different with our innovation and fabric, we are moving away from basic voile and lawn, implementing our expertise towards local markets by developing different pattern cuts for Pakistani body types,” Minal shared.To maintain a good consistency and innovation and meet the need for exclusive product ranges, tapping the sources which are providing high quality and premium fabrics to global high end brands.”Talking about the inspiration behind Lulusar, Minal said, “There was a gap in the market. There are either eastern clothing brands or typically western so Lulusar came up with an idea to cater to the market that demands practical outfits that are trendy and moderate.

Our inspiration comes from various international brands that are simple, chic and practical. The colour pallets and prints are inspired by the idea of ‘minimalism’ and elegance.”The Lulusar team lays great stress on its clients’ convenience. “The social media-savvy younger generation is our client. These people do not feel the need of going through the hassle of visiting the markets anymore,” Minal explained. “We also cater to young mothers who prefer convenience of shopping from their homes.”10 things I hate about designer lawnsThe brand promises to keep up with the changing times and puts fresh collections online every two months while other brands would take six months to get their new designs up. “Our team is highly inspired by global trends and does not believe in the brick and mortar model because globally, the retail sector is rapidly changing,” Minal said.“Also, it minimises costs and is far more effective in terms of measuring the return. A good fusion between western trends into localised practical product, comfortable breezy cut lines, minimal patterns and prints, contrast and colour blocks.


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