Alia Bhatt to launch her own mobile game


Can’t get enough of Bollywood’s resident cutie Alia Bhatt? Great! Fans will now be able to see her in a brand new digital avatar.

Indian game developer Moonfrog Labs has launched a first-of-its-kind life simulation mobile game called Alia Bhatt: Star Life.

According to The Economic Times, the game will be available
Google Play and Apple app stores, in collaboration with Alia herself. The player lives through story driven simulation of the real world.

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“We believe in delivering top quality entertainment to Indians. I’m very excited to share this game we’ve built with Alia,” said Mark Skaggs, director and board member at Moonfrog. “She is a top actor and an inspiration for many youngsters in India. Having a digital version of her guide our players gives them excitement and a sense of belonging to the celebrity world. I’m proud of the hard work by our team to develop this immersive and truly engaging game for Bollywood fans. ”

Alia Bhatt: Star Life features the actor as the players’ best friend, guiding them through their careers in Bollywood. The players live in a vivid and vibrant virtual world and work their way to the top through movie roles, TV shows, advertisements, fashion shows and glitzy media interviews. They get to wear the most fashionable outfits, work with industry’s top photographers, directors and designers in the course of their journey and also have to hire a talent manager, work out, learn how to dance and even hire a publicist to keep rumours and bad press at bay!

“I can’t express my excitement to launch this game enough, and offer my fans a fun way to experience life in the movie universe,” said Alia. “While it’s my game, I feel the best part is that it places the fan up front and centre and provides a wonderful experience. I first met the Moonfrog team in Goa around a year ago, when I was filming Dear Zindagi and it’s been amazing to see just how much work goes into building a game that works on so many interesting levels.”

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