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Amitabh Bachchan embarrassed about India being called ‘land of rapes’


From penning an emotional letter to his granddaughters to lending his powerful voice to India’s voiceless women, Big B is aiming to bring a change.

But among his growing number of concerns, he particularly feels embarrassed for India being known as “the land of rapes”.

Amitabh Bachchan is lending hispowerful voice to India’s voiceless women

“It’s very embarrassing when we visit abroad and people there say, ‘You are from India, ‘the land of rapes’. I want that to go. I don’t like it when people call us a third-world country or developing country.

“We all must work to make India a first-world nation, a developed country,” the Pink actor was quoted as saying at a recent press conference, reports Times of India.

Big B said that each part of the country should be safe for women.

“We should not say that Mumbai is safer than Delhi or vice versa. We are a country and women should be safe in every part. If an incident occurs in Delhi, the whole nation feels bad and gets worried,” he said.

The Piku actor also said that their shouldn’t be any gender discrimination; a guy should also be questioned about his virginity like girls.

“If girls are asked about their virginity, then boys should also be questioned. There should be no discrimination.”

“If a girl is asked there is always a question mark, as if it is something very wrong, but when it comes to boys, there is an exclamation mark denoting that they have done something great,” he said.

Big B is currently making waves at the box office with his latest film Pink, also starring Taapsee Pannu, among others.

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