Atif Aslam leaves stage mid-concert


Chaos ensued at a local concert in Karachi where pop stars Atif Aslam and Ali Zafar were set to perform.


Conflicting reports have come out from different eye witnesses.According to one, the crowd threw bottles at Atif, which prompted him to leave the stage immediately. According to some sources, a child was lost at the venue and the father wanted to make an announcement but the bouncers wouldn’t let him.

However, one source, who wished to retain anonymity, said, “It was all going so good. Atif came and while he was on stage, a fight started between some security guys and sound guys.” He added that no child was lost but the fight got messy and he saw three guys bleeding.

As far as whether Atif was hit and injured with bottles, the source stated, “He wasn’t there when the crowd started throwing bottles on stage. In fact, the reason the crowd started throwing bottles was that they wanted Atif back on stage.

Atif Aslam cancels concert in India

“His (Atif’s) performance was going with such a flow but then this happened,” he added. Ali Zafar was set to perform later but the incident caused the show to be called off.
The concert was hosted by Waqar Zaka and Rafay Israr opened the show. Zaka, on his snapchat, blamed the organisers for being unable to manage arrangements.

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