Badar Munir


Badar-Munir (1943-2008)

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The legend film hero in the history of Pashto cinema..

Badar Munir dominated as Pashto film hero in almost 35 years and played the lead roles in more than 400 movies, which is only the scond to Sultan Rahi, who holds the record for most lead roles in Pakistani movies.

Badar Munir was introduced in first ever Pashto film in Pakistan, Yousuf Khan Sher Banoin 1970. This super hit film was made in Karachi and it was a great debut for Badar Munir, Yasmin Khan and Nemat Sarhadi.

Badar Munir was a tea boy for Waheed Murad and got some minor roles in few movies like Jahan Tum Wahan Ham (1968). Adam Khan Durkhanai (1971), Orbal (1973), Topak Zama Qanon (1974), Naavay Da Yao Sspha, , Deedan (1975), Zama Qasam (1986), Da Inteqaam Lumbay (1976) were some of his other big movies.

Badar Munir’s only super hit Urdu film was Dulhan Ek Raat Ki (1975) which was also released in Pashto in the same year as Naavay Da Yao Sspha. He was also seen in many Punjabi films and 2 Chor (1977) was the most hit film as main hero.

Badar Munir was born in 1943 in Sawat and died on October 11, 2008 in Lahore.

Real name
Active career
Date of Birth 1943
Born at Sawat
Language Pashto
Profession Acting
Family Dilbar Munir (son), Nemat Sarhadi (brother-in-law)


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