On The Birthday Of Salman, He Will Got The Love And Respect. (Liliya Venter).


Mumbai: - Liliya Venter friend of Salman says, that Salman will got love and respect on his birthday.

Salman Khan's Birthday Gift From Iulia VanturIn an event, the Liliya Venter talk with media she says, that Salman always celebrate his birthday with his family and this time she say that I I will also be a part of him in this event. Daily basis the Indian business man reports that in the party there was something in the Salman’s car when he saw carefully it was Liliya Venter.

When they come out of car everyone was taking pictures of them but Salman became angry with this. They picture of both entering in that event made an uproar in India and rumor spread over here and there. Now once again the Salman gives a chance of his marriage proposal.

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