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Bollywood celebs and the products they won’t endorse


There are many Bollywood celebrities who are very particular about their endorsement portfolio.

There are some brands they just refuse to endorse for various reasons.

Compiled from Bollywood Journalist, find out why you’ll never see these stars in certain advertisements.

1. Kangana Ranaut

Kanagana Ranaut, PHOTO: FILE

She made news when she refused to endorse a very popular fairness cream brand. The Queen star said it was against her principles to promote something of the sort to young girls. Ever since, Kangana doesn’t endorse fairness creams. Over the past few months, Kangana Ranaut has refused at least a dozen offers to endorse skin lightening creams; each coming with a fatter pay cheque. You surely gained a nod from us Kangana!

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2. Amitabh Bachchan



While he had endorsed an aerated drink brand for eight years, Big B refuses to endorse soft drinks anymore. We are assuming the Pink star doesn’t want to promote unhealthy fizzy drinks to his fans. We totally back his decision.

3. Abhishek Bachchan



The Golmaal Returns actor has always declined offers to endorse alcohol and cigarettes. He basically likes to live life the healthy way – and won’t promote any product he doesn’t consider healthy. Smart choice!

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4. Kareena Kapoor



The Ki and Ka actor refuses to endorse non-vegetarian food products. According to her, this is purely because she is a die-hard vegetarian herself and if she was to promote meat-based products, fans might view her as hypocritical. The starlet has also decided to stay miles away from endorsing pan masala, gutkha, liquor brands or anything addictive.

5. Ranbir Kapoor

Actor Ranbir <a  href=Kapoor. SCREENGRAB " width="640" height="480" />

Actor Ranbir Kapoor. SCREENGRAB

Following Kangana’s lead, the Barfi! heartthrob has always turned down offers to endorse fairness creams – for obvious reasons. It’s just not his cup of tea – and that is totally acceptable and commendable. Kudos to him!

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