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Bollywood Showbiz, Super Star Actress Vartika Singh Saware has won me noticed


Vartika was crowned Femina Miss Grand International in 2015. Life has been a rollercoaster journey since then. She’s originally from Lucknow and found it fun shooting and found it fun shooting for the video of Saware in her hometown.

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She had hometown. She had heard of singer-composer Anupama Raag before but only met her on the sets. “I gave an audition. I was asked to emote as though I had lost a love one. They liked the way I essayed it,” she informs. Seeing her confidence, the makers asked her to shoot the scene, where she’s emotionally devastated upon hearing about their husband’s death first. “I was happy that I met their expectations,” she asserts.

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Vartika says emoting without dialogue is hard “People have told me they sort of connected with my connected with my character. So I must have done something right,” says she. She gives credit to her co-star Kunal Khemu for helping her out. “It was my first brush with the camera while Kunal has been acting all his life. He made me feel just be my natural self. His easygoing attitude set the chemistry ticking.”

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Being a Lucknow girl, she was familiar with most of the locations. But seeing them through the eyes of the camera was something else. “You somehow being to take beauty for granted being familiar with the place,” she muses. The Miss India crown has always been viewed as a stepping stone to films.

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And athe talented Vartika is hopeful of that happening. “Sware has won me notice. Now people know that I can act. Hopefully, it will lead to bigger and better things,” she smiles. Fingers crossed.

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