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Actor can't work with people who are not Professional, to matter how talented they are

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Last year can Safely be called a turning point in Sushant Singh Rajput's career. HIs films MS Dhoni: The Untold Story was a blockbuster and catapulted him into the league of bankable actors at the box office. The actor, who will now be sharing screen space with Kriti Sanon in Raabta, was full of praises of the Dilwale Star. "I like her professionalism and passion for work. I don't like people who are not professional, no matter how talented they are," Bollywood com quoted him as saying.

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Raabta is a romantic thriller and a story on reincarnation. So far, many stories based on the theme of reincarnation have been explored in Bollywood. When asked if the attitude of people around him has changed after the success of Ms Dhoni: The Unitold Story, Susant revealed otherwise. "People who are close to me, their attitudes have not changed because they know that I am the same. However, I have improved on things that I was already doing but was not very good at." He added, "I have stopped obsessing about the future. There are a  few things that I would hold on to about my past which I have just completely let go. So just being in that moment and immediate experience liberates you of so many clutches."

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The actor revealed he doesn't sign films based on genre. "Had that been the case, I would have never done MS Dhoni. Every film or every story is a different permutation and combination and there are only so many ways you can tell a story. Having said that, every director has different ways of creating a film; it is very subjective." Lately, there has been speculation about Sushant's personal life. Whether such conjectures brother him, Sushant added, "Of course, it bothers me. It is easy for me to be immune to all these stories.

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But I resisted from doing that deliberately because one quality that every actor should have which helps a lot is valnerability. So, I thought if I just make my self immune to all the things that affect me, It would also make me less valnerable, which is not what I want."

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