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Bollywood Showbiz,Feminist dialogue that does not include men is an empty dialogue: Randeep Hooda


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Randeep Hooda always wanted to keep his personal life a mystery. Unfortunately, social media ruined his plans.

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At least, that is what the actor said recently, adding that he still tries to lie low as he is not comfortable talking about himself in public.“I think social media has come in and stuffed out my plans. I was planning to be this actor about whom you would know nothing about. I let the cat out of the bag but I am not comfortable with taking pictures. I am not comfortable sitting and talking about myself,” Hindustan Times quoted the Heroine star as saying.

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There’s no stringent PR mechanism in place to keep Randeep in the public eye while he works on his selective projects, most of which take up a lot of time to finish. Not to mention, the Highway actor doesn’t use social media to keep his fans updated about his personal life, but to be heard on social issues close to his heart.“Even if you go to my social media accounts, you will see that I am usually talking about social issues or about the environment or something having to do with the emancipation of different things,” Randeep added. Some of the topics the actor has spoken about include the city of Gurgaon being renamed Gurugram, as well as the attack on film-maker Sanjay Leela Bhansali on the sets of his upcoming film Padmavati.

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Nonetheless, Randeep says he is finding his way around social media, albeit slowly. “I come from a village and I try to raise a voice from their point of view as well. I don’t know whether it makes a difference or not,” he said.Asked about feminism, the Bollywood heartthrob said, “I am not a hardcore feminist. Feminist dialogue that does not include men is an empty dialogue. It has to be inclusive and can’t be exclusive. If you are always offensive, then you are alienating those people.

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”Randeep also pointed out that there is “an element of commercialisation” in the feminist ideology. “It will find its balance. People will start seeing through the fake and start going for real.”Randeep, who co-owns Body Building India and launched Gym 99, has never shied away from taking on bold roles in his career. Asked if he thinks the tone of Indian cinema is becoming more liberal, he curtly said, “I am no expert in it.”

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