Bollywood Showbiz,Super Comedian Paresh Rawal:’I love Pakistani TV serials, Indian Shows are Boring’


Bollywood veteran Paresh Rawal desire to work on this side of the border

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The strained relationship of India and Pakistan has takes its toll on the entertainment industries of either side of the border as well. While some came out in the support of the self imposed ban on Pakistani artists in India, others aren't still too certain about its implication. Bollywood veteran actor veteran actor Paresh Rawal has expressed his desire to work in Pakistani dramas and launched how well framed the shows are.

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According to Hindustan Times, the Hera Pheri actor said, "Yes, I would love work in Pakistani films and shows. I love all Pakistani TV serials like Humsafar, the way they act, the story, the writing, the language... it's all good. I feel our shows are boring."

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Rawal recently made headlines in the news for his controversial comments against author Arundhati Roy where he suggested that she should be tied to an army jeep to discourage stone-pelters in Kashmir. The 67 years old actor believes cinema and cricket bring the two countries closer.

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"I believe that artists and cricketers don't come and throw bombs. They are not terrorists, rather they bridge the gap between the two countries. But when the mood is not good why rake up issues at that time? It is better to stay with your country," he says.

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Rawal also asserted that the ban on Pakistani artists should not be have been imposed in the first place. "There should be no ban on anyone or anything. Even in Hindi Medium there was a Pakistani actress but nothing happened as the mood is good in the country," he says. His statement comes after Bollywood diva Vidya Balan praised Saba Qmar's bollywood debut, Hindi Medium.

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"Watched Hindi Medium today and took your number from Zeenat, just wanted to tell you that you were amazing in the film. It's a character one could dislike so easily for being pushy but you humanised her and make her believable and likable! Really, wow!" wrote Vidya.

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Another actor, Huma Qureshi, too, confessed that she is open to working in Pakistan if the offer is right, Talking to The Express Tribune, the Gangs of Wasseypur star said, "I would love to work in a pakistani project,if it's the right offer."

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