Deepika Padukone leads a new social media trend!


Owing to Deepika Paukokonw’s popularity across the globe, the actress emerges with maximum number of followers on social media platform.

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A closer look at Deepika’s online presence brings to the forefront that the ratio of updates to followers results in a distinctive figure when compared to other celebrities. It is interesting to note that the actress resorts to posting minimum updates, has fans flocking to her social media pages in large numbers. In the generation driven by social media updates, Deepika is one celebrity who uses the medium imperialistically.

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Deepika’s Instagram account has only 359 posts posts with 17.8 million followers, bagging her the title of Asia’s most followed Woman on the platform. With Moderate frequency of posts her Facebook also clocks a whooping 33.9 million following, making her the most followed Indian actress.

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The actress’ fan following has been on a steady growthowing to her vast body of work and popularity amongst the masses, Deepika who is a household name in India has even made a mark abroad with her International outing xXx: Return of Xander Cage. A reflection of Deepika vast fan follwing is witnessed on her social media handles with the actress being the Asia’s most followed woman on Twitter with 17.8 million followers.

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Talking about the number of celebrity posts, actress like Sonam Kapoor has the highest post of 2554 followed by Priyanka Chopra with 1917 posts and Alia Bhutt with 1956 posts on Instagram have a stark contrast to Deepika’s engagements.

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