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Fawad Khan feared ‘fatwa’ over Kapoor & Sons role


Fawad Khan has started out up about his doubt in enjoying the function of a gay man in his latest movie Kapoor & Kids and the backlash he terrifying he would experienced after it which was usually appropriate.

In an unique meeting with Native indian paper FirstPost, he talked on a variety of problems which he formerly shied away from such as his the concepts of maleness in movies, his no-kissing plan, going shirtless, and his doubt to try out a gay and lesbian on-screen.

Fawad said that he was concerned about his part in Kapoor & Kids because of the labels which were connected to it. He said that many The show biz industry movies had handled more questionable topics but there were valued due to the hypocrisy of the viewers over here.


He distributed the set up with his spouse who said “Why would you let go of a wonderful movie because maybe someone might have a problem with it?”

He said that it was just another personality that he has performed which can help comprehend these problems much better in our cultures. He was not worried about enjoying a gay and lesbian man bur rather how it will see in theatres.

Fawad said that he terrifying that someone might punch him with a fatwa after the part. Even during the capturing he used to laugh that there might be a #FatwaForFawad hashtag after its launch in Pakistan.

fawad khan
fawad khan

He said that stars used to be reluctant to play part of eunuchs worrying a hijra brand over revealed but it has become generally approved nowadays. Individuals might have a good laugh and make fun of them but no one will react strongly. He indicated hope that individuals have progressed and more appropriate to taboo issues of community.

The heartthrob believes maleness is not the focus in movies nowadays as popular theatre has progressed extremely, compared with previously movies where the story centered around the idol saving the heroine. Filmmakers have fresh viewpoint as movie were more involved about content.

When requested if he will go shirtless, Fawad said that he was available to it if a part needed him. But he needs a chance to use it as he was not relaxed like other movie celebrities. He said that he appreciate celebrities like Leonardo Di Caprio who become sex signs and accomplished popularity even with a pot tummy.

The interview panel member later cooked him about his no-kissing plan on display. Fawad reacted that his primary viewers in Pakistan appreciate him for his old-world strategy to romantic endeavors on display and he can tell the tale without the need for closeness. This was a hurdle in informing excellent experiences and he does not want to get individuals unpleasant in their chairs.

He does not think this will impact his profession and even though he has no such positions, he would shy away from identical part in the upcoming. This can lead him to reduce excellent positions but he know where he is from and where his origins lie. He said he can engage in a lot awesome figures without the need for it .


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