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How can you have a 24-hr meeting with just one person?’ Gauri dishes on Shah Rukh Khan


How can you have a 24-hr meeting with just one person?' Gauri dishes on Shah Rukh Khan

We know things from King Khan's perspective, but what do we really know about him through the eyes of his wife?

In an interview with Filmfare, Gauri Khan shares details of her marriage with the superstar of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan.

"If there's one thing that bugs me about my husband, it's that his meetings are endless. They can go from one hour to 24 hours," she says.

Of course the superstar is always in high demand, which explains his busy schedule, but Gauri can't stand it. "How can you have a 24-hr meeting with just one person?" she asks.

But she's proud of his success and how far they have journeyed together in their marriage and career-wise.

"Our journey is what I find very beautiful. It's been 25 years now and how we've grown! I feel that it's been a great journey from where Shah Rukh and I started, how we came to Mumbai, and how his personal life grew," adds Gauri.

"All this means more than just being called Mrs. Shah Rukh Khan."

His involvement in her design label? "How involved has my husband been in opening the store that I now run? He's given me the cheques to make the store. Ya, that's all about his inputs."

One has to admit, they are a cute pair!

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