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How Mahira Khan overtook Huma Qureshi to play SRK’s wife in Raees


It's not surprising that Mahira Khan was up against quite a few contenders for her role in Raees. After all, it was a chance to star opposite the Bollywood King, Shah Rukh Khan!

According to the latest buzz, Mahira's impressive audition sealed her fate as the Raees heroine and crossed the name of one Huma Qureshi off of the list of hopefuls.

DNA India reports that Huma was approached first for the role. Their source reveals, "They thought Huma would fit the bill and also they wanted a fresh pairing of sorts. But then, they got Mahira on board because the character required the actress to have a certain kind of mannerism and lingo and being a Pakistani, Mahira totally nailed it."

Mahira is known to enjoy great camaraderie with SRK (inside jokes and all), and he's confident that they will look good together in Raees.

The grapevine also has it that the two have filmed a great dance sequence for the film.

Raees, which is set in a Muslim ghetto in Gujarat, is the story of a gangster's rise to power.

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