How Poonam Pandey Became Famous For Free



Poonam Pandey can be truly regarded as the headmistress of the school of publicity owing to her exceptional talent of making herself famous without any professional help or finance. The sensational diva who is not much of a private person has established her identity on social networking websites like Twitter and Facebook all by herself. Poonam is just one film old and is now set to feature in her next with the promise that she won’t disappoint her fans. Check out her unique publicity gimmicks which made her a celebrity.

poonam 01

Poonam Pandey knows how to make headlines at just the flip of a hair. All she needs to do is to comment on every issue of national importance or announce her stripping schedule during the Indian cricket matches. The hottie had declared to strip if India wins the cricket World Cup in 2011. But cricket lovers were left waiting endlessly as she disappeared after making the promise. However when she was questioned at an event about not fulfilling her promise she immediately unzipped her jacket to reveal a black bikini to the paparazzi who were happy to click her in that avatar.

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Only Poonam Pandey could think of launching a ‘Grab Nasha Bikini’ contest for the promotion of her film ‘Nasha’. The diva pasted her racy bikini pictures in provocative postures on twitter to kickstart a one of its kind contest during the Valentine season. Only Poonam could think of gifting her used bikini as a prize for sending her the most romantic message on twitter. And there was no dearth of aspirants who actually showered her with the romantic tweets to grab her Nasha bikini.

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Poonam Pandey never leaves an opportunity to make heads roll even if it means giving a statement on a general court case. Making hay while the sun shines Poonam killed no time in commenting on the Madras High Court’s verdict on premarital sex. The court declared that couples who have had premarital sex will be considered married. To this the controversy queen tweeted, “I am Married then Hehehehe LOL”, leaving all to the imagination of the twitteratis.

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Critics are still wondering about the leak of Poonam Pandey’s raunchy lovemaking video just before the release of her debut film ‘Nasha’ in 2013. Poonam’s video showing her in a compromising position with an unknown person went viral on social networking websites in July last year. Moreover this was not her first leaked video. Her stripping video shot during a photo shoot was the most watched video on YouTube in 2011.

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When the whole world was busy taking the Ice Bucket Challenge how could Poonam Pandey leave the opportunity of taking a bath in ice cold water. However the hottie did it in her own style in a black bikini. Poonam shared her ice bucket challenge video on social networking websites showing her stripping to a bikini in the bathtub and then shivering after spilling the ice cubes filled water over herself.

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The attention grabber never misses out on serving her fans with her most seductive pictures freshly clicked on a regular basis. Poonam handles her publicity department all by herself on Facebook and Twitter and never skips to share a sleazy picture of herself regularly. From a bathtub picture to giving her fans a glimpse of her derriere Poonam has been adding thousands of followers to her multiple profiles continuously. Recently Poonam shared a casual selfie in a pink fur bikini with a coffee mug in her hand.

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