The ties between India and Pakistan continue to be troubled and seem to be worsening day by day. This has engulfed the movie arenas of both the countries too.

the response from Pakistan was also forthcoming. They placed a ban on showing of Indian Movies cinemas across the Country.

It was the Waar hero, Shaan Shahid who came out with his opinion. Now the Bin Roye star Humayun Saeed has voiced his opinion relating to this matter and issue. Humayun believes banning films or artistes on either side isn’t a solution to the ongoing conflict between the two countries.

He stated to the media that “Since we believe that India’s step to ban Pakistani artists is wrong, we shouldn’t follow their steps and reciprocate by banning their films as well". He also went on to say that even though the Bollywood blockade on festivals like Eid would help promote local content, a blanket ban on Indian films would have an adverse impact on cinemas in Pakistan.

At this hour, Pakistani cinema needs Bollywood films because the Pakistani film industry isn’t strong enough to solely run cinemas. A cinema needs one new film each week. Our industry only makes a handful of films

Humayun was forthcoming in acknowledging that Indian cinema had served the Pakistani cinema as a backup support and revived it. Cinemas in Pakistan emerged and developed rapidly after the Indian Films began to be screened.

We have all grown up on Bollywood films and have seen them through illegal means. Now, if the films are being screened in our cinemas legally, then what’s wrong with that,” The Jawani Phir Nai Aani actor added.

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