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Is Jennifer Aniston upset with her husband’s intimate scenes on TV?


Actress Jennifer Aniston is reportedly upset with her husband Justin Theroux’s intimate scene on television.

According to a report, the 48-year-old star is upset with her husband’s love scene with co-star Carrie Coon in the season premiere of The Leftovers, reports

The magazine claims that when the Office Christmas Party actress who accompanied her husband to the red carpet premiere earlier this month, was taken aback by his love scene in the third and final season of the HBO show.

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The publication states that “it was the last thing she wanted to see.”
When watching it at the premiere, “Jen squirmed in her seat” and “looked incredibly uncomfortable,” said an onlooker.



A source couple added, “She freaked out at Justin for making her sit through the steamy scene without any prior knowledge of what was coming.”

The source further contends Aniston deemed it “one of the most uncomfortable experiences of her life” and “felt humiliated.” The publication goes on linking the Horrible Bosses actress’ reaction to her then-husband Brad Pitt having sex scenes with Angelina Jolie in Mr and Mrs Smith, a movie that eventually led to Aniston’s divorce.



A representative for Aniston told a website Gossip Cop, however, that all these claims are a “complete fabrication.” While it’s true that the actress accompanied her husband at The Leftovers premiere, the rest of the contentions are false, the representative added.

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