Kalki Koechlin hopes ‘Azmaish’ releases in both India & Pakistan


Kalki Koechlin who is eagerly waiting for the release of her first Indo-Pakistani film ‘Azmaish’, is all set for the promotions despite all the controversy and tension between the two countries, including the ban on Pakistani talent by the Indian Motion Pictures Producers Association (IMPPA).

Reported in the Pune Mirror, Koechlin who spent last year shooting for the film, says although she is bracing herself for adverse reactions, she is also pleasantly surprised with the love shared by both Indian and Pakistani fans, which was shared on an ‘Ask me anything’ session on social media.  “I did an ‘Ask me anything’ session on the social media recently and was pleasantly surprised that most people were not bashing the other country or looking at it as the enemy. Rather they were quizzing me on how a film like this could help us. That made me realise that most people want to understand and heal,” said Koechlin.

The ‘Shanghai’ (2012) actress also added, “Mixing arts with politics is a dangerous thing and its important that art and culture retains its freedom of expression and remains the voice of the minority.”

‘Azmaish’ will be releasing in Germany first and then maybe India and Pakistan. She added, “The film will release in Germany first as it is co-produced by a German TV channel. I hope it gets a release in both India and Pakistan. If not there’s always the internet.”

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