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Sarmad Sultan Khust declared Mahira Khan is Madhuri of Pakistan


Karachi: Pakistan's famous film actor and director Sarmad Sultan Khust he is great fan of Madhuri Dixit and Mahira Khan look like Madhuri of Pakistan.

Sarmad Sultan Khust does not need any introduction, the Sarmad khust to enter the industry Shashlik plays given innovation from dramas to the guidelines not only drama industry but also stand on their own feet declining industry role. There is a magic in the cinema said in an interview, but nothing like the TV, I also worked in TV that Manto was an accidental film and what was the content found us. He said that when a drama becomes successful so everyone trying to produce similar plays but I break this tradition to produce drama Humsafar.

Mahira KhanSarmad Khust said that I would never travel with Fawad and Mahira Khan beacuase whenever I travel with them people gathered around him and noboday can recognized me that time I feel that I am not part of this world. He said he is a big fan of actress Madhuri Dixit and Madhubala. In Pakistan if someone reminds me about Madhubala and Madhuri that is Mahira Khan.

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