Kismat Baig’s family reaches settlement with suspects


It’s been almost six months since senior stage actor Kismat Baig was shot eight times by unidentified men in Lahore

While the late thespian may have failed to defend herself, her sister Sitara Baig had every intention of seeing her murderers through, who time and again offered her properties in posh localities to have the case withdrawn.

The entire Baig family, however, was adamantly rejecting proposals made by her alleged assassins, insisting they will not negotiate over Kismat’s blood and will not settle for anything but justiceKismat Baig murder: ‘Won’t settle for anything but justice

However, in the turn of events, a financial crunch in the family has reportedly led Kismat’s family to reach a settlement with the alleged suspects including businessmen Rana Muzammil, Rana Tajammil and their friend Shahid Janjua.

According to reports, Kismat’s family went to court and made peace with the fact that the mentioned suspects were not involved in the murder, further pleading to forgive them and let them go free. The artist community including stage performers Shiba Butt and Goshi Khan were shocked at this development and questioned the value of a woman’s blood in this society.

However, Sitara revealed there were countless reasons behind their patch up. “We solely rely on theatre work for running our family affairs and after the death of Kismat, everyone in the family was extremely disturbed. In the beginning, I was committed to fighting the case until the end but it became a really difficult time for us,” Sitara told The Express Tribune.

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“We decided to forgive them not only because of financial troubles but also because we are emotionally and mentally drained now.”

Following Kismat’s death, the family members started getting threats as well. “I wanted to resume working in order to earn money and there was always this fear inside all of us that would stop us from going to work. We kept getting threats as well. So, I feel my mother made the right decision because it is in our best interests,” added Sitara.

While she had taken a break from acting to pursue Kismat’s case, Sitara has resumed her stage performances. “I have left everything on God and am hopeful that he will give justice to us.”

According to Sitara, the accused have offered the family members a lump sum amount of Rs10 million along with property, but have not taken anything.

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However, sources close to the family claim otherwise. Soon after Kismat’s demise, Sitara also arranged a ceremony titled Kismat Baig Awards for Lahori artists – requesting them to support her family in demanding justice for Kismat’s death.

The late thespian’s case is no different from many other artists who have been murdered and their families have failed to fight until the end. These include actors such as Sangum Rana, Yasmeen, Karishma Shah, Naina, Nagina Khanum and Nadra whose loved ones ended up reaching a settlement or simply gave up.

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