‘Maula Jutt’ producer to make Comeback after 29 year


Muhammad Sarwar Bhatti promises 'LPD' will be a great addition to Pakistani cinema.

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Muhammad Sarwar Bhatti, the acclaimed producer of 1979's Maula Jutt--- on of the Lollywood's most successful films is all set to return to the field after a gap of 29 years.With the film titles, LPD Bhatti wants to re-launch his production company, Bahoo Films Corporation and is adamant on releasing on feature film per year. The production banner has a host of other hit films to its credit, including chan Wayam(1981), Mirza Jutt(1983), Haq Mehar (1985) and Bazar-e-Husn(1988).

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Bhatti is currently trying to finalise the cast and crew for his comeback project . "I always aim to create timeless films so I have to spend a lot of time on the film's story and its visual treatment," . "It's a fact that no one else--not in pakistan or India --has been able to produce a film like Maula Jatt.In fact, Bollywood producers used to copy my work! Maula Jutt was remade there as Jeenay Nahin Dounga, Haq Mehar was copied as Sanam Bewafa and Bazar-e-Husn as Tawaif. That was the golden era of Pakistani films!"

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Bhatti recently re-released Maula Jatt in Multan, Hoping to make fellow film-makers realise the importance of the big screen and what it takes to conquer it. According to Bhatti, a Production company is judged for its aesthetic value and above all, originality. "That's why I took a break from films; it's against my nature to repeat or copy work," he explained. He has bee observing the developments within the film industry for quite some time and believes that now more than ever is the right time to make a comeback as cinema in Pakistan has turned over a new leaf.
"It's my promise that LPD will be a great addition to Lollywood. I have also been waiting for my son to graduate from National College of Arts (NCA) and introduce him through the film . It's important to motivate new, young talent and benefit from their ideas,"

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Muhammad Muttaqi, Bhatti's son and CEO of Bahoo Films Corporation, promised LPD will be well worth the wair . "It's a mega budget film and we're casting some of Pakistan's biggest artists, as well as some old ones from Maula Jutt. We plan to shoot in the northern areas of Pakistan and abroad, " he revealed. "My father and I have been developing LPD's music, Script and dialogues for a long time now."

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Muttaqi Also praised his father' work, calling Maula Jutt the biggest Pakistani film of all trying to replicate the film. Just recently, a director asked us for the official rights to Maula Jutt but we refused. It's the longest-running Pakistani film of all time! NO one else can produce it and when the time is right, Bahoo Film Corporation will make Maula Jutt 2 as well," je stated . "Haq Mehar won Best Film in Moscow. LPD is also going to be huge! This time, our priority is new talent and we're conducting interviews at university level now."

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