The rumour was that Mawra Hocane is dating Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor. And now we hear that she yearns for a chance to work with the Barfi star and says “On the top of my wishlist is Ranbir Kapoor. I hope I can get a chance to work with him soon“.

In another media interview, Mawra recalled how rumours of a secret romance between Ranbir and herself surfaced, once she showed admiration for the Tamasha actor over social media.

You see, everyone matures. I am well aware of where I stand today and how what I say or do can become a headline. I don’t mention Ranbir anymore, but still get his name in scripts at award shows, so I avoid the topic altogether,” she said.

Mawra has her views about the work in India. Speaking about this aspect this young one said, “If you ask me about directors, then I am ready to work with anybody and everybody because I don’t find myself in the position of choosing the directors. I hope that they choose me and find me worthy enough for their films. I really want to work more in India,”.

She also talked of film genres she urges to be a part of. And uttered that it should be something in the mould of “period dramas like Bajirao Mastani or Umrao Jaan“.

“I hope that I get offered one of those soon. And another one that really attracts me is the biopic genre. Particularly I want to do Nazia Hassan’s biopic. I heard her story when I was a child. My mother really likes her,” she added.

It may be mentioned that it was in the movie Sanam Teri Kasam that Mawra appeared for the first time.