Nouman Javaid opened up about his divorce with Jana Malik


Noman Javaid is well known personality of our media industry.

He is renowned singer.


He tied knot with popular singer Fariha Pervaiz but soon they divorced each other and Nouman Javaid even tried to commit suicide.

Jana-Malik-Nouman-Javaid-25-533x800-2After that Nouman got married to versatile actress Jana Malik back in September, 2016.

Unfortunately, they also divorced each other. The real reason is still unknown. Nouman Javaid opened up about his divorce with Jana Malik.

Jana-Malik-Nouman-Javaid-25-533x800-4According to Jana Malik their divorce was due to lack of understanding between the two.

Jana-Malik-Nouman-Javaid-25-533x800-3Nouman Javaid said that their divorce was a real shock for him as they were planning a baby. He said that there were minor problems but nothing was that much serious.


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