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Pakistan showbiz, Lollywood Super Star do to live healthy in Ramzan?


Ramzan is all here. All Muslims are preserving fast on this holy month of Ramzan. tradition food to eat in Sehri is Pratha with Omelette or Pickles.


In Iftari, Pakoras are a should devour dish. some people do over ingesting in Iftar ingesting plenty of speedy food. Our celebrities are lots worried approximately their fitness. What Celebrities do to live suit in Ramzan? here we've answer to this query.

Ayesha Omar

My first and predominant move-to drink in Ramzan is coconut water,” shares Ayesha Omar. “now not simplest will it maintain you hydrated however it's miles filled with extremely good vitamins and nutrients. mainly having multiple glasses of it before sehri will go away you much less thirsty and extra energetic. while you’re occurring about your day without eating for a longer time frame, hydration is fundamental to surviving this month.”

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Mehwish Hayat

The trouble is that during Ramzan we have a tendency to eat excessive amounts of fried foods and junk that we typically would avoid on normal days. So try to devour healthful stuff like fruit salads, dates, lentil soup etc. i might additionally propose you include some sort of bodily pastime on your day, even supposing it's miles just 20 mins an afternoon, do a little going for walks, cardio or a mild brisk stroll to maintain yourself feeling better and not crammed. I in my view modified my exercising ordinary from in the morning to the nighttime after iftaar to stay match all through Ramzan.


Anoushey Ashraf

“I restrict my carbs consumption to sehri handiest which gives my body sufficient time to burn it off at some point of the rest of the day and as tempting as stuffing your face all through iftaar is, it’s always smart now not to offer in to useless cravings. I additionally make sure to have at the least 2 liters of water in among to live hydrated. And as tough as it's miles, I always schedule my exercise session to proper before iftaar so i'm able to get my metabolism kicking in. And let’s no longer forget about the most vital component: get sufficient sleep and do now not exhaust your frame!”

Mehreen Syed

“humans frequently forget that Ramzan isn't the month to ceremonial dinner and it’s really now not one to indulge,” opines Mehreen. “I always want my strength up for the duration of Ramzan because things generally tend to get very busy at paintings and at home. For that I continually maintain my weight loss program high on protein and fiber for my sehri and iftaar to hold my feeling fuller for longer and hold my ordinary way of life which means keeping my sleep cycle and exercising cycle the same as earlier than.”


Amna Babar

“For me, getting enough sleep, drinking lots of water, having a wholesome weight loss plan and staying far from pakoras are keys to triumphing this month,” says Amna. “It’s so uninteresting, I realize, however doing those things really helps in giving me greater energy for matters which might be honestly essential for the duration of the month of Ramzan.”


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