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Rhea Chakraborty snips her long tresses for Half Girlfirend!


The actress plays a spirited indo-American in the Arjun  Kapoor-Shraddha Kapoor starrer Half Girl friend, and to fit her character, she had to chop her long locks – an act she hasn’t done for many years.

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“I’ve always had long hair and it’s something I’m proud of, Apart from trimming ends, I haven’t really cut my hair,” said Rhea, adding, “When director Mohit suri and I discussed the look of my character, he suggested I sport a short hairdo.

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I was anxious because I love my locks and I believe I love my locks and I believe it makes me look sexy but then I went withe it and was really I went with it and was really excited to sport a new look”. As her character is born and raised in New York, she was personally involved in the styling of her look as well.

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She further added, “I went with the stylist to shop in NYC itself for my character. As they say when in Rome do as the Romans do.” Well with the amazing response she has got for her look we are sure the sexy actress does not regret chopping her hair!.



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