Ridley Scott to direct ‘Battle of Britain’


Director Ridley Scott is in early development to direct 'Battle of Britain', a film based on the World War II.

The 79-year-old filmmaker will helm and also co-produce the movie, which was bought by Fox last year.

ridley-scott-battle-of-britain-5The story narrates the battle which began on July 10, 1940 when Nazi air force, the Luftwaffe commanded by Adolf Hitler bombarded the British Isles through October.

ridley-scott-battle-of-britain-5The English were, however, prepared for the attack and it made the Nazis difficult to overcome British resistance, making it their first evident defeat in the second World War.

ridley-scott-battle-of-britain-4Fox set up the project with Scott Free production company (owned by Scott) along with Safe House Pictures, operated by Joby Harold and Tory Tunnell.


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