Shehzad Roy


Shehzad Roy is one of the very famous Pop singers hailing from Karachi Pakistan. He became a huge hit when he debuted in 1995

A boisterous and revolutionary approach to Pakistani Pop. In the late 1990s he became one of the most popular singers in South Asia. He is a Shia Imami Ismaili Muslim. His father is a business man. His mother Nazli Qamar is a PHD holder house wife. He has an older sister who is married and lives in USA. He was moved to USA after his grade 5 and stayed there for few years. His grandma from paternal side ordered his parents to stop celebrating the birthdays of his and his sister. One of his pinki fingers are cut.

It was an accident happened in his childhood on his sister birthday. Since then his family do not celebrate birthday parties. He is a religious person who is spiritual as well. He performed Umrah on July 2006 with his manager Arif Roy and guitar player Imran Akhoond. He has also been preaching with Junaid Jumshed for three days. He is one of the main lead singers who initiated singing with Indian singers. His major hit was with Sukhbir. He also sung with Shan for a cricket obsessive viewers.

He is also doing some work with Bryan Adams. He has appeared on the show Childhood with Zumil. He latter revealed that he had a tuttey which is a prized possession in Pakistan.

Shehzad has been dedicated to the building up of Zindagi Trust the NGO which springs from his passion for helping impoverished and uneducated children. Roy once said; I feel so sad when I see some child working or on the streets not going to school. The Trust is my best effort to do something about that.

The program has 25 schools across the country and uses unique teaching methods along with incentives to entice children to attend. If children pass daily assessments they are rewarded Rs20. Some people say its wrong to bribe children to be in school says Shehzad but well-off kids are rewarded for their marks all the time. There is no reason poor children should not have the same support.

Shehzad uses the proceeds from his concerts to support Zindagi Trust but has been spending his time making the organization more self-sufficient. For his efforts Shehzad was awarded the Tamgha-i-Imtiaz the youngest person and only pop singer to ever be honored by this Presidential recognition of efforts to help the impoverished of Pakistani society. Shehzad s work is found to be commendable by all even the Pakistani Prime Minister.