Sonam Kapoor: My father motivated me to work in films


Sonam Kapoor said when she was new in the film industry, she was told that the career of an actress ends soon but it was her father, actor Anil Kapoor, who motivated ther to work.

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"He (Anil Kapoor) is so empowering as a person. He is such a feminist. "He has never made me feel that because I am a girl. I am something less" " When I was 22-23 and had joined the film industry, some body told me ' why are you going slowly (in your career)'?.

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"And I told my dad that they're saying that I can only work till I am 30-31 years old, so I should do as much work as I can. He said 'don't think like that. This is your job,you love acting, you should be doing this for the rest of your life'", She said The 31-years-old actress lauds her parents for supporting her and her younger sister Rhea's choices.

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"He (Anil) has never made me feel that 'oh you need to get married, you're a girl, you don't deserve this' " Sonam Said."when I came in this industry it was a shock (to me) that people are so sexist, because my father, mother were never that. They never made Rheo and me believe that we are not capable human beings because we are women." she said. Sonam will be next seen alongside Akshay Kumar in 'Padman' and "Veer di Wedding'.

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