Summer Bridal Dresses Designs 2017-18 NEW TRENDS


Marriage ceremony is the most beautiful and respectable time in every one’s life. It is very important for every woman to wear stylish bridal dresses on this great day.

It is very difficult to choose a perfect wedding dress in summer season. As you know summer is full of heat and sweating. It is a big problem for brides to wear heavy outfits in these days. Here I am presenting gorgeous embroidered clothes in which you can look stunning and stylish. All the fashion designers are struggling a lot to make Asian brides as charming as possible on their big day.

pakistan showbiz-fashion-summer-bridal-dresses-designs-for-beauiful-girls-2017-18

A dress plays very important role in presenting the personality and style of woman. The whole beauty and appearance of a bride only depends on her outfits. So you should choose pure fabric, the popular trend and amazing colors. The brides of christen wear white gown dresses on their wedding. Actually white is the most sacred and religious color for them. They consider it as pure and sophisticated shade. But we love to wear colorful apparels on every event, festival and formal occasions. In past two colors red and maroon, were most famous shades for wedding wears. But now ladies are wearing all colors including green, golden, pink, grey, peach and silver on baraat and walima.


As the fashion has changed so clothing artists are making different mixture of colors. These styles are also different from past but some of them are reflecting our culture too. Lehenga and short shirt was trend of old days. This style is now replaced by maxi dresses and long frocks. This is the right page if you are going to marry within few months. Check out some pictures of traditional bridal dresses designs for Wedding.

Let’s have a look on this amazing navy blue and copper embroidered frock with gown. It is fully embellished with heavy machinery work. It is paired with maroon net dupatta which is also fully decorated with different materials.

pakistan showbiz-fashion-summer-bridal-dresses-designs-for-beauiful-girls-2017-18-1

Now look another formal dress in light pink color. Its embellishment is looking very awesome and unique. It has intricate embroidery patches on border lines, sleeves and neck area of shirt. Its style and embroidery is looking very decent color for a bride. Here floral art with fine beads are also used over front side on shirt.

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pakistan showbiz-fashion-summer-bridal-dresses-designs-for-beauiful-girls-2017-18-18

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