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Sunny Leone: I Grew Up Thinking Live In Relationship Is Normal


Sunny Leone who made a million followers in India with her style and bindass attitude gets candid with us. In an exclusive chat Sunny spoke about live in relationships growing divorce rate and her husband.

Excerpts: Society in India is changing and the definition of love for youth is changing too. What do you think about live-in-relationships?

Ans: I grew up thinking live in relationship is normal. So my opinion is a little one sided. I believe if you are a responsible adult and are in a mature relationship then it’s completely fine. It helps you understand your partner better.

Even the divorce rate is increasing in India what do you think about marriage and its values?

Ans: I think marriage is a beautiful thing. As far as divorce goes that is something we hope doesn’t happen when we get married.

How do you define sex appeal?

Ans: Sex appeal is defined by each individuals own perspectives in life. To me it’s feeling comfortable in my own skin and body. Being happy with it no matter the size.

You share a great rapport with your husband. Do you ever feel jealous?

Ans:  Yes sometimes but it’s very healthy. He is a sexy man and extremely intelligent and most other women are very attracted to him.

How do you manage to balance your professional and personal life?

Ans: Sometimes it’s really hard to separate because of how busy my husband and I are. But we both make an effort that dinner time is our time with no phones. I def need to make big efforts to separate. It’s not always easy though.

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