Its tendency to work during pregnancy to the stars


Karachi: Bollywood and the Year 2016 changes for women actresses associated with redness stars Kareena Kapoor, Shweta Tiwari and well-known host Sanam by several actors perform their professional responsibilities well head despite being pregnant, including the new trend introduced.

Also helps proved this year Bollywood and actresses belonging to Pakistani showbiz industry professionals despite being pregnant in the last year, faced enormous problems without criticizing women around the world on the other side this year to empower and strengthen professional responsibilities handled well. These women have an important trend in the world, not only during pregnancy but also an argument to be courageous women.

Kareena Kapoor

kareena pragent

Actress Kareena Kapoor among Bollywood's leading actresses are people who have proved starred in several blockbuster films that actor Saif Ali Khan married in 2012. Now she has become the mother of his son, but he despite not come in the way of his pregnant pretty professional duties while pregnant time continue to participate in fashion events.

Actress Kareena has shocked not only the Indian society and film city and walked the ramp despite being pregnant and give birth to a new trend these processes

Sanam Jang

sanam jung pragnet

TV actress and host Sanam Jang Pakistani TV leading lady host who in hosting the plays are buried success of flags that Sanam Jang as co-hosts a regular TV show, despite the optimism well continued to perform and they gave birth to a daughter in November.

Actress during pregnancy has been established for example to empower women to fulfill their professional responsibilities and to introduce a new trend in showbiz.

Shweta Tiwari

shweta tiwari pregnet

Indian TV actress Shweta Tiwari and the Indian TV soap operas criteria are the essence of acting in the life of the famous actress in Bollywood film 'Empire' including.

Shweta Tiwari proved to be a ray of hope in India killing the environment for women's participation in several events during pregnancy. Last month, the arrival of the young guest actress Yes

Shweta Salve

shweta salve pragnet

Shweta Salve earned fame actress famous Indian drama ''Hip Hip Hooray”, 1998 and soon started to ring from their danka on TV that show the essence of Bollywood actress starred in several films and several TV shows also offered.

The actress has birth daughter this year, but did not admit any negligence in discharging during pregnancy professional responsibility and several dramas and saw the participation shows that the actress walked the ramp in awareness show from hope rather show stopper to be in shows for the campaign.

Carol Gracias

Carol Gracias Pragnet

Carol Gracias the reality show 'Big Boss' of fame' and then you have the actress has worked in several ads for different brands when placed glamorous step in and make a name in the modeling.

Model grill item song has also appeared in several films, but she walked the ramp during pregnancy did not let any obstacles in their professional work, despite several hopeful this year.

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