Wait, what? Farah Khan won’t have any stars in her next flick!


Farah Khan has something different in store for all her fans.

According to Indian Express, the filmmaker, known to have a star-studded cast for her films, has decided to step out of her comfort zone; not only is she making a woman-centric film, but it will not feature any famous stars in it.

Farah Khan told IANS, “I have written a script and this time its a small script, and it’s not star-driven. It’s a two-girl project so still waiting for it to happen because I have not put a big star in it.”

One would imagine the project to sail through smoothly without a major star cast flick, but according to Farah it’s the complete opposite.

“It was easier for me to get a INR 100-crore project green-lit but a INR 20-crore project is taking time because it doesn’t have a star,” she added.

But will the film see newcomers? Farah answers in the negative. “No it’s not with newcomers then I will not even get INR 20 crore. It’s a girl-centric film and we do have a working title but we don’t want to give it out right now,” the director revealed.

There may be a new learning curve for Farah as she pointed out, “The thing is stars make it easier for the project to be green-lit. Otherwise, everyone will question your script a 100 times. If you have a star saying yes to it give that newspaper cutting and nobody will ask any question that’s the good side and the bad side to it. You tend to work a little less on the content because you have a big star driving it sometimes.”

She added, “That opening is for sure. With other movies you don’t know, it can die in a week. If it’s a great movie by word-of-mouth, it grows, but that’s a 1 in 100 [chance]. I think that’s why not only here, but even in Hollywood when an actor becomes a star and has a certain amount of equity, name everyone wants to cash on it,”

We don’t know who the leads will be in this flick but this seems to be a movie to look out for!