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Waqar Zaka posts 20-minute rant against Hamza Ali Abbassi for raising questions about Ahmedis


LAHORE (Web Desk) – Renowned TV sensation Waqar Zaka has also joined critics bloc against actor Hamza Ali Abbasi, by posting a 20-minute video in which he has severely snubbed the latter for raising questions about Ahmedis at a Ramzan show.

In the video, Zaka alleged: “Abbasi does such stunts to gain cheap publicity without having the basic knowledge of Islamic and its teachings,” further adding that he fully respects Hamza Ali Abbasi for his work as an actor.

At one moment, he said that the affairs related to Ahmedis were settled long ago in the 1970s and that there was no reason to again hurl such questions, especially at a Ramzan show.

However, he insisted that Ahmedis must not be killed for their beliefs and state should protect their rights just like other citizens of Pakistan.

Waqar Zaka also mentioned an incident: “When I visited Burma some years back to help Rohingyas, Abbasi criticised me for this on Facebook fan page saying that I should have struggled for citizenship of the Burmese Muslims instead, however, afterwards when I request him to help out an acid attack victim, he simply ignored it.”

He also criticised Hamza Ali Abbasi for attending “night parties, chasing girls, drinking wine and working in films in which girls appeared semi-nude.”

In the concluding part of the video, Waqar Zaka also claimed that biggest fraud of Ahmedi leaders was revealed in the Panama Papers leak, further asking the poor Ahmedis to stop funding their “fraud leadership”.

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