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We need to stop letting Bollywood bad boys off the hook, starting with Salman Khan






Amongst the turmoil on Tweets over Salman Khan's insensitive rape-related comment, an escalating number of comments have appeared in protection of the acting professional.

This isn't a first. Salman is the intoxicated car owner who ran over four individuals, eliminating one, and left the field. Yet his friends in Bollywood decide to fault individuals using the way rather than his own carelessness.

No-one-is-discrediting-the-good work he does-but he must be held-accountable-for-his-wrongdoings.
No one is discrediting the good work he does but he must be held accountable for his wrongdoings.

When you move behind Khan when he has erred efforts after time again, you're reaffirming that the wealthy and significant can get away with anything. We taken his complete neglect of vulnerable wild animals under the rug, like we did his pestering of former Skip Globe Aishwarya Rai after their split and his violence of musician Arijit Singh.

When you development of clamour to protect this man, know that you're loaning your assistance to the guy who slightly confronted a reporter into eliminating a tale about him, a do it again perpetrator who has historical past of using his hold on the market to scare females and men as well and has never experienced any repercussions for his activities.

Toss in his finish absence of regret, his noisy quiet rather than an apology and you've really got to be delusional not to contact a scoop a scoop.

But hey, on the good part, factors might just be looking up. He did say in a media meeting last night that he should discuss less; here's expecting he requires his own guidance.

We have to take the blindfold off sooner or later. We have to quit being apologists for superstars and confess that being Salman isn't the same as being individual. Far from it, actually.


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