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Why Millionaires Salman Khan Live In a Small Flat…..?


Khan said that like most live in large, luxurious and expensive villa in the small flat instead

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The Indian film called Salman 'godfather' in the industry, they have introduced in Bollywood several heroines changed his life but the rhythm of the changing lives of others hearts Salman Khan to do a small I live in a flat, this question was very troubled by all the time.

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Khan said that he was happy to live small flats, instead of staying in luxurious and expensive bungalows, childhood all children were gathered together in the garden and they play until  sometimes we were asleep in the Garden, the building was at our house all the people in it live happily and love each other.

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Salman Khan Further Says that My childhood was full of desperately treated us in building houses and We could go and enjoy a meal from anyone home.Bollywood superstar said very beautiful and sweet memories in childhood  associated with the building and flat and I always wanted to keep him۔So I prefer to stay at home instead bungalow.

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Salman Khan resident in Glaxy apartment in Bandra for last 4 decades his parents and siblings lived with them in the past, but those with time has changed his residence but Salman Khan live in the same flat today.

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