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2019 Review: Those who are the calves of us!


Named and most trusted personalities of different walks of life were separated from us last year 2019 Review. At the beginning of the new year. We commemorate those in the field of politics, society, literature and culture – who are no longer among us!

When the first sun came down in January 2019 Review. It was learned that renowned poet and writer Dr Iqbal Naseem Khattak had left the world.

The first month of the year had 11 dates when renowned novelist Khalida Hussain forever found eyes.

Gulab Chandio showed his acting prowess in television and won fame. Gulab Chandio, who acted in dozens of Sindhi and Urdu plays, was especially recognized for his negative roles. January 18 proved to be the last day of his life.

This is the first month of the year that has taken away the spiritist. On January 25, the unprecedented actress died due to illness. In 2005, a trauma caused him to lose his mental balance. This period of his life was spent in isolation and hardship. Rohit Banu showed the essence of acting in the Karan story and other popular plays of his time.

The death of Jamil Jalbi was reported on April 18. As a critic, literary historian, researcher, linguist, his services and efforts for Urdu language and literature will always be remembered.

Karachi University Vice-Chancellor Dr Ajmal passed away on May 5. He was distinguished by his services in the field of education and research sciences.

Ali Mohammad Mahar, the personality of the influential Mahar family of Ghatki, left the world on May 21. Ali Mohammad Mahar, who played an important role in Sindh politics, was associated with the PPP.

On May 29, senior journalist Idris Bakhtiar’s journey to life ended.

On the seventh day of the month of June, Dr. Anwar Sajjad, an eminent and highly regarded figure in Urdu literature, forever separated us. Dr. Anwar Sajjad’s name and his services will always be remembered in the field of criticism and novelty.

Nisar Nasik, the creator of a popular song like Dil Dil Pakistan, left the world on July 3. Nisar Nasik, renowned for his poetry in Urdu and Punjabi, practiced in lyrics and other works.

The name of the Zaheen Tahira on Pakistan Television. Which added color to the reality in its character. Won the hearts of the viewers and gained immense fame and popularity. The senior TV actress turned away from life on July 9.

Himayat Ali is a world renowned poet of poetry. A reliable reference to Urdu literature. Ali Poet, a longtime student associated with teaching in Karachi, died on July 16.

Legend actor Abid Ali left the world on September 5th. With Abid Ali, performing arts is as if it were a promise.

Famous cricketer Abdul Qadir left the world on September 6. The player, who is known for Test cricket, led the national team during several competitions and made Pakistan’s name clear.

Arif Shafiq will always be remembered in Urdu poetry with a public tone and revolutionary thinking. He died on December 14.

Wakeel Farooqi, a prominent artist on the radio, stage and television, died December 25. He featured in the most famous plays of his time and made a name for himself. These include the last rock, Bahadur Ali, Genghis Khan, etc.

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