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5 Reasons Why Mann Mayal Is A Huge Disappointment


Mann Mayal is considered one of the most watched dramas of the current season yet there are so many glaring flaws in this drama which also make it the biggest disappointment of this season. Here are the top 5 reasons why Mann Mayal is an epic fail!

Best love story of the season or the worst sob story of the year?

man mayal

This drama was promoted as not only the best love story of this season but the kind of love story which will make people forget all others. The love story ended in less than 6 weeks and after that viewers had to sit through one episode after another of watching the heroine sob and suffer. The hero also struggled until he got rich and then he sobbed and suffered for different reasons! Everyone in this drama is sad whether it is Mikael, Mannu or Salahuddin which is why it is the worst sob story of the season!

The promos which were shown to promote Mann Mayal showed a very happy bubbly side of Mannu maybe because the producers knew that this side would attract the viewers more than the struggling times which Mannu faced after she got married but most of the drama revolves around Mannu’s marital problems.

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