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50 Crore Really A Money Heist Ripoff.


So here is the entertainment when the cinemas in Pakistan are going to open after the severe pandemic. It is opening soon to entertain the movie lovers. Whereas the trailer of the new movie is out starring Mahira Khan and Fawad Mustafa. And now another one. The first look of the movie 50 Crore has released.

About Movie:

A mugshot of all the celebrities involve in the movie has been release.  10 Celebrities icluding A-listers. Who are going to a part of this movie are release. These celebs include Naveed Raza, Mehmood Aslam, Noman Habib, Anoushey Abbasi, Faisal Qureshi, Ijaz Aslam, Saboor Ali, Zalay Sarhadi, Faryal Mahmood, Asad Siddiqui  and Umer Shehzad.

From the first look of the movie, the netizens are claiming that 50 Crore is a ripoff of world wide famous Spanish series “Money Heist”. Even the names of characters representing different cities of Pakistan is clearly a plagiarized idea. In Money Heist all the characters possess name of famous cities.  It is to be consider here that Money Heist character reveal mugshot was also similar to what is adopted by the cast of 50 Crore with a bit variations.

Talking about the perceptible similarity among 50 Crore and Money Heist, the director of 50 Crore said:

“We understand the similarity with the internationally renowned series but for us it is much bigger than that. We are not just inspired by the story lines of the western movies like Oceans Eleven and other similar hits but are also extremely thrilled to bring a similar concept to the Pakistani film industry.”

From the pictures it is easy to anticipate that 50 Crore is going to be a potentially action-pack movie. Despite of accusations of copying the international series. We are glad that someone has taken the initiative to introduce something new on the big screen. No official release date has been disclose by the production house yet!

Public has its own opinion, some people thinks it is an absolute Money Heist ripoff. Whereas others are of the view that there is no harm in copying the world famous series. And some people thinks making a carbon copy of Money Heist is unacceptable.

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