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50 years later ‘Thunderbirds Are Go’

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Almost fifty years after the termination of the popular science-fiction series, Thunderbirds is all set to return on television screens, reported the Daily Express.

According to the British publication, ITV has rebooted Gerry and Sylvia Anderson’s popular 1965-55 puppet series with the former Bond girl and Academy Award-nominated actor, Rosamund Pike being the voice of Lady Penelope.

She was previously known for her pink suit with a matching car but now she has been given a modern makeover. Penelope will be seen in a stylish black jacket over a yellow dress and wearing black gladiator sandals, to have Pike’s looks, reported Daily Mail.

Showing her excitement for the decision to be the voice of this iconic character, Pike said, “It was an easy ‘yes’ as soon as ITV asked me to voice Lady Penelope.”

The actor also praised Thunderbirds co-stars and had special regards for David Graham who voiced the character of Lady Penelope’s driver, Parker.

“David Graham is so charming and so funny – his Parker is iconic and the story behind his creation of the character and how he found the voice in a waiter in an East End restaurant is delicious,” stated Pike.

The Gone Girl actor further added, “I love working with him and the bond between Parker and Penelope, and the humour that is batted between them, is really fun to play.”

The show which is titled Thunderbirds Are Go premiered on April 4, 2015 and has already been picked up for a second season comprising of 26 episodes which will be aired in 2016 and 2017, stated Wired.

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