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8 Instagrammers who’ll give you inside access to Fashion Week

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The front row at Fashion Pakistan Week has an enviable view.

However, there are only so many front row seats and not everyone can be accommodated. But fret not! Now you can enjoy the experience from the comfort of your home, thanks to little social media platform called Instagram.

Follow these Instagram accounts and get access to the inside scoop at TFPW 2015.

Tapu Javeri

The unofficial official photographer for Fashion Pakistan Week, follow him to get a sneak peek at what’s going on backstage, as well as on the ramp.

Samra Muslim

Providing what’s arguably the best coverage of Fashion Week, blogger and PR maestro Samra Muslim is the one to follow. Let’s just say say, she puts the insta in Instagram!


Front rowing is hard but blogger Salima Feerasta has got it down: her pictures are always well-composed and she has a great eye for the little details so her pictures will make you feel like you were there in person!

Style Haven

A relatively new blogger on the block, Anusheh Shahid has learnt to navigate Fashion Week extremely fast and well.

Secret Closet

The brains behind Secret Closet, Faiza Lakhani has a penchant for spotting trends and designer eye candy like no other!

A Wardrobe Affair

Anber Javed of A Wardrobe Affair has made a name for herself in a short span of time. Her Instagram has some really fun shots of not just the models but also Fashion Week attendees!

Aamna Isani

Isani has been a leading fashion journalist/blogger for a long time so you know she knows how to curate an exciting Instagram feed and unlike some other bloggers who tend to play it safe, she isn’t afraid of speaking her mind!

Andleeb Xpoze

Andleeb Rana Farhan’s account is an accurate representation of her: fun and quirky! Her captions are motivational and her commentary about the fashion industry is always insightful.

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