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8 stylish Pakistanis show you how to rock a basic white t-shirt this summer


A closet essential and a classic, white tees have been donned by celebrities and fashionistas since decades.

This wardrobe must-have can be dressed up or down, making it one of the most versatile fashion items to own. Pop on a blazer or funky necklace on top of a white tee and you’ve effortlessly quirked up your basic look.

We all have those days when we just want to put on a t-shirt and our favourite pair of jeans everywhere, even to a formal dinner. So here are eight hacks to get creative with your basic tee and dress it up for any occasion.

Psst! You can finally wear your comfy shirt to work for a week straight without raising any eyebrows, though you might want to wash it before using it for five days straight…

Tuck it in
Tuck it in

Elevate it with a funky necklace


Don’t leave that neck bare. Bangles and rings are all great, but a fun necklace automatically spruces up any basic look.

Like they say, go bold or go home. A chunky necklace definitely makes a style statement as opposed to a simple one.

3) Wrap a scarf

Wrap a scarf

Sometimes all you need is a spunky scarf to complement your attire. Experiment and go wild with colours or go basic, either way, it’ll jazz up your plain look.

4) Wear overalls

Wear overalls

The easiest slip-on; overalls can give your outfit a change of look any given day. Literally effortless, all you have to do is put your shirt on and jump into an overall and you’re good to go!

5) Suit up


Blazers always up the style quotient. From casual to formal, they are the perfect addition to a white tee.

Our two cents: A printed blazer will really add oomph to your outfit.

6) It’s in the jeans

Ayesha Omar
Ayesha Omar

Boyfriend, ripped, bell bottoms, leather pants, formal pants, printed pants… the list is endless. Pick any and wear with a white tee and you’ve instantly made up for the lack of colour and texture.

7) Bag it

Fouzia Aman

Speaking of accessories, bags pack a punch when dressing up your outfit. Go for a colourful, edgy clutch to add to your look.

8) White sneakers

Sadaf Kanwal

Tis the season for whites. We’re all loving white, whether it’s the sneakers or a white tee or jeans, honestly, and it’s one style which is not going away anytime soon. Pair your white tees with your white sneakers for an ultimate fashion boost.

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