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A Bride Should Only Wear Red” – HSY


Hassan Sheheryar Yasin who is more well known as HSY is a very famous designer who is not only known for his dress designs but also for his own distinguished style. HSY and his mother were interviewed by Sanam Jung on her show. HSY shared what an important role his mother – who was a single parent had played in his life. It was because of the support of his mother and sister that he managed to get this far.

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HSY talked about many things about his life, his personality and his career in the show. When Sanam Jung asked him which color should a girl wearing on her wedding day. To this replied,

“Girls should only wear red color on their wedding day. Red looks


the best on our girls, on our brides, it is in line with our culture and looks good with our skin tone. Many people say that red color is not part of our cultural wedding but I believe people go to weddings only to look at the bride. It is her day and she deserves to look like a princess. The look that red color can give, no other color can give.”

Girls nowadays think they will look fabulous in light colors but they have to realize they are not going to Oscars, they don’t have to copy Bollywood. Red is the color of our cultural wedding and it looks outstanding. This is something I am very emotional about.”


Talking about how seriously he took red color for brides, he said,

“I am not trying to make anyone feel bad about what they design but for me red is the only color for the main event of the wedding. I try to convince brides a little that they should wear red when they come to me but there is only so much I can say to convince them because in the end it is their choice. Wedding is a moment of happiness and bright colors reflect happy moments.”

HSY also had an interesting suggestion for all the other family members. He said,

“I would also like to say that close relatives (girls) should not dress up thinking that they are in competition with the bride. It is the bride’s day, let her shine, don’t try to take the attention off of her by wearing similar colors and even outfits.”

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