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A Last Conjuring Movie Review

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Jill Evyn, Lane Townsend, Jeremy Walker
Bidisha Chowdhury
1 hour 40 minutes
the-conjuring-review-7STORY: To nurse a broken heart and stay away from the city chaos, Danielle, an artist, buys an old house on the countryside. But the house has all the qualities of creepiness and soon, Danielle starts ‘seeing’ the old occupants of the house, who have been dead for years.
REVIEW: Straight up, A Last Conjuring is a bad mix of some of the popular horror films of the recent times. It employs the typical shock techniques and element of surprise to frighten the viewer a few times, but that’s about it.
the-conjuring-review-9Danielle (Jill Evyn) moves to a new house with the hope of establishing better focus at her work as an artist. The house, belonging to the Rosenberg family, has an eerie quality to it. A few days of staying there lead Danielle to believe that the spirit of one of the previous occupants, a young girl, still resides in the house.
She then meets John (Lane Townsend), a local carpenter who doesn’t leave any opportunity to take his shirt off.
the-conjuring-review-6John and Danielle hit it off but post a romantic date-night, John disappears. In the meantime, someone paints a Pentagram, believed to be an evil sign, in Danielle’s wardrobe, forcing her to believe that something bad is going to happen. Her fears come true when she is kidnapped and prepped for a human sacrifice
the-conjuring-review-1Before we even begin to make sense of the story, let us also tell you that there are so many loopholes in the plot that you lose count.
the-conjuring-review-4 For instance, Danielle starts having sleep issues and meets a psychiatrist who prescribes her mild sedatives, but a while later the same guy doubles up as a casting agent for Danielle’s friend.
the-conjuring-review-2Amidst all the ghosts and black magic, there is the lead girl’s creepy jilted lover who has no qualms about stalking her and breaking into her house.
The performances are sincere and there are some genuine scary scenes. But the Bidisha Chowdhury directorial appears to be a half-baked and hasty attempt at a genre that is gradually moving away from the age-old framework.
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