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Trailer for Hollywood Movie ‘A Quiet Place 2’ Released


WASHINGTON: The trailer of the famous Hollywood movie ‘A Quiet Place 2’. It has been released, the film will be released this year.

According to details. The sequel to the movie ‘A Quiet Place’ is also being released this year. Which has a shocking trailer revealed in 2018.

Fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of the movie. After the release of the trailer for the horror film A Quiet Place 2.

The famous Hollywood movie ‘A Quiet Place’ tells the story of a family struggling for survival. After the end of all humanity.

In the film. There was apparently a creature that preyed upon every living thing. And that is why the surviving family lives in complete silence. While fearing for their protection at all times.

The first part of the film did not show. How this creature came to an end, but now it is back in the trailer for the sequel.

According to a foreign news agency report, A Quiet Place 2 was presented to the same family members, who now lived comfortably, but strange creatures come back to their lives.

According to media reports, However, some new actors have been added to Part 2.

Remember that the first movie was directed by John Krasinski while he was present in the lead role while his wife and leading star Emily Blunt was also present.

It is believed that the character of John Krasinski is killed in the first film, while now his wife will be seen protecting her children in the sequel.

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