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A tribute to Tahira Wasti (1944-2011)


Who can forget Tahira Wasti, the queen of “Shaheen”, princess of “Aakhri Chatan”, a gracefull married woman “Afshan” the dramas of PTV golden era. But that was not end of her acting journey. Shama, Jangloos, Kashkol, Raat and Chand Grahan are some of her classic dramas. Perhaps she is first PTV glamourous lady.

Tahira Wasti was born in 1944. She was a well-known Pakistani writer and television actress. She is best known for portrayal of Isabella of Castile in the TV drama Shaheen.Tahira Wasti started working at Pakistan Television Corporation in 1968 by acting in a TV drama serial Jaib Katra based on a novel by Saadat Hasan Manto. She appeared in a number of TV dramas from 1968 until the 1990s, most of them have become classics of PTV such as Kashkol, Jaangloos and Daldal. Her prominent personality made her famous for playing regal roles suitable for representing royal, feudal or upper-class families, as in TV plays like Gharnata, Tipu Sultan, Shaheen and Aakhri Chatan.

She also wrote plays for television and showed special interest in science fiction. She was the wife of TV actor and English language newscaster Rizwan Wasti and mother of TV actress Laila Wasti.A famous TV actress Maria Wasti is her niece. She died in 2011 but still alive in our memories.

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