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A true music lover will never give a damn about my citizenship: Adnan Sami

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Nearly 18 years ago, Adnan Sami Khan relocated to India from Pakistan, in hopes of taking his music career further.

And yet, the singer still seems to be receiving flack for his decision and frequently has to explain why.

Since long, singer Adnan has been in the news for professing his unconditional love for India.

Now, an Indian citizen, he plans to advance his career – not in terms of singing though! The Dholki singer is all set to debut as an actor.

So, when SpotBoyE caught up with the Tera Chehra crooner, he was at his happiest.

When Adnan was asked to express how he feels about becoming an Indian citizen, he said, “It feels lovely and there is a sense of peace. Getting an Indian citizenship is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me.”

Adnan was then queried whether he will visit Pakistan again or not. “Why not?” said the Kabhi Tou Nazar Milao singer said, “It’s God’s land. We all have the right to visit places made by God. These boundaries are man-made.”

Talking about his fandom, Adnan said he believed that anyone who was a true fan would not care about his citizenship.

“I am an artist and I have fans who love me for the music I am associated with. A true music lover will never give a damn about my citizenship,” said Adnan.

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“Secondly, if someone has stopped listening to me only because I changed my nationality, then the person was never a true fan. My nationality is my personal decision. Also, you cannot satisfy anyone 100%,” he added.

So, why did he decide to apply for Indian citizenship? To this, Adnan responded, “It was the love actually.”

He went on to say, “I had an opportunity to get a citizenship of four countries including, US, UK, Canada and Germany, but I chose to be an Indian because the people here had accepted every bit of me. It is after a lot of thought that I decided to become an Indian. A few friends were taken aback because they thought I was already an Indian. I feel a sense of belonging in India. It just feels right,” he further added.

Taking his career to a whole new echelon, the famed singer said he will soon debut as an actor. “I am going to try my hand at acting in films because there are some interesting projects coming my way. Very soon I shall be announcing the project. This venture I am talking about is very close to my heart,” he said.

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So, why is he choosing to pursue acting? “I do not like being complacent. I want to keep evolving and seek an opportunity to challenge myself. I started off being a pianist and moved to composition and singing. I have a very low attention span even in my personal life,” professed Adnan.

Adnan last crooned in Salman Khan starrer Bajrangi Bhaijaan for a soulful track Bhardo Jholi in 2015

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