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Aamir Khan tries to make a place in IPL, video goes viral


The Leading Bollywood star Aamir Khan starts trying to play in Indian Premier League (IPL).

Social media is frequently used by Bollywood actors to connect with fans, but Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan is ahead of other artists in sharing posts on various aspects of his life.

Bollywood Khan also shared a video on his official Instagram account on Friday in which he is seen playing cricket.

Aamir Khan

The video shows Mr Perfectionist stepping forward and playing a shot. Then standing in front of the camera, addressing the fans. He saying, “Can there be a chance in the Indian Premier League (IPL)?”

Aamir Khan

In the same video, he tells his fans that he is going to tell a story on the 28th. For which he is very excited.

Aamir Khan

Actor Aamir Khan’s love for sports does not need any introduction, the actor has released several films related to sports which was a big hit at the box office in which ‘Lagan aur Dingal’ topped the list which is still ruling the cinemas.

Aamir Khan

It should be noted that the film Lagaan was also made on cricket. The film shows a local village in India who asks for a double tax exemption if the British Army officer bets on the villagers to defeat him in cricket.

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