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Aamir Would Eat Up To 100 Paans In A Day For PK

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Aamir Khan will be seen in nine different avatars in PK and the one that he particularly likes is where he is seen wearing a helmet. Interestingly Aamir had to chew paan for the character and the actor says that he would eat up to 100 paans in a day to play the part with conviction.

“In real life paan is not a habit I have it once in a while but for this film I chew paan for every scene. I would at times eat about 100 paans in a day. We had a paanwala on the sets,” says Aamir adding that the dialogues like in Raju Hirani’s films are inspiring. “There is a deep message in the film. The story has ras what we are saying is dramatic but it is told in a funny and humorous manner. But at this point of time I can’t tell you what is the message because then I will be like giving out the story,” says the actor.
In the initial stills from the film one sees his character urinating in public chased by a mob and stealing from a beggar who he treats like an ATM machine. Calling it the most difficult role of his 25 years old career, Aamir says, “I have played many challenging roles but this is the toughest of all.” Aamir will be rarely seen blinking in the film. When asked how he managed to do it the actor joked, “It was simple, I kept looking into Anushka’s eyes.”

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