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Abhay Deol welcomes the decision to remove the word ‘fair’ from the cream


Leading Bollywood actor Abhay Deol has welcomed the decision of Unilever to remove the word ‘Fair’ from the popular cream ‘Fair and Lovely’.

Abhay Deol is one of the first Bollywood actors to oppose whitening creams.

Now, praised the announcement of the deletion of the word “fair” from “Fair and Lovely”. Abhay Deol also wrote that it was the right step by the company in the best direction.


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Abhay Deol also wrote in his social media message that “this drastic decision by the company was taken in the context of the global movement ‘Black Lives Meter’.”

He also said that in our society those who were protesting against skin whitening creams. They keep in view their traditions have achieved success.

Remember that in India, Bollywood stars are also widely used to promote face whitening products. Many artists and models have been regular brand ambassadors for Fair & Lovely and are heavily invested in this work.

South Asia is a vast market for skin whitening cosmetics. But after voices were raised against racism in the United States and Europe. Questions have been raised about the promotion of these products in South Asia as well.

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